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Welcome to the heart of the Family Pastor Institute program. Below, you’ll find a curated selection of courses meticulously designed to empower and equip future Family Pastors. Each course has been tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities of bridging church teachings with familial growth and community impact. Dive in and discover the comprehensive learning journey that awaits you at FPI.

Dr. Jack Eggar and Dr. George Law

Introduction to family pastors institute

What is family ministry and what do family pastors do? This course serves as our general orientation. Our institute vision and mission will be presented as well as our study requirements and expectations for students. Other topics such as assignments, our digital tutorial platform, grading, and resources will be discussed. Prepare for an exciting journey as you dive into the world of the family pastor.

Next generation discipleship

Does the great commission still apply for today?  What is the jewish shema and what can we learn from it? Why is it so difficult to pass the faith on from generation to generation? What is god’s masterplan for the family?  How did jesus go about training his 12 disciples in the four gospels? What are the two essentials in disciple making?

The christian family

Students will journey through the scriptures to learn both the biblical model for the family and the reasons for the current crisis families face today.

Transformational teaching

What do teachers need to know today to be effective? Come see that it is entire possible to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a master teacher.

The art of storytelling

Students will learn to see the bible through the lens of story, god’s story. Why we are hardwired for story? Storytelling tools: expression, gestures, voice control, drama, media, and more is offered. The power and influence of story is an important tool in the family pastor’s toolbox.

the 4-14 window

This is the golden hour of opportunity for the church and home. Students will learn about the history and impact of the 4-14 movement on a global scale. A careful study of the bible and children will help students better understand god’s design and plan for the generations.

missional children and youth

Can children learn to serve others as light and salt? Can children be on mission? Here is what churches can do more effectively with and through their children now.

the pastor-parent partnership

Pastor’s have a dual role as shepherd and captain. A captain trains his troops for battle and then personally leads them into battle. Consider a pastor training parents from the pulpit on the spiritual battle they must face for the souls of their children. Now imagine the pastor coming down from the pulpit to lead the parents as they began in earnest in their homes. This is the relationship we help build between pastors and parents.

building and keeping your volunteer team

Volunteers are essential to the life and vitality of a church family. Here’s how to grow, empower, inspire, and keep your volunteer team as they minister to children, youth, snd parents in your church.

using ministry tools effectively

A family pastor must use a growing number of “ministry tools”, especially digitally based tools, in this time and day. What will enable the family pastor to effectively serve the church and home and save time while achieving the desired results?

the mission and work of a family pastor

As church leaders respond to the growing moral and spiritual crisis in families today, the need for a family pastor will become a top priority. What is the purpose and mission of a family pastor? What does the family pastor do on a daily basis? How will the family pastor know when there is true spiritual success? How can the family pastor help parents and their kids through family counseling? How does a trained family pastor find a job in a church?

biblical marriage

Parents will struggle and fail to disciple their children if their marriage is out of synch and on the edge. What is biblical marriage? How does it work? What does the family pastor need to understand in order to help couples grow together in the grace and knowledge of jesus christ? A solid marriage dedicated to the lord is essential in training and discipling one’s own children.

building an effective ministry platform for the home

Most parents have come to believe that driving their kids to church is all that is needed. After all, the church has the spiritual development of their children covered. Or do they? Discipleship time exists in much greater quantities in the home, not the church. And, making a next generation disciple is time intensive. What ministry platform can parents build and manage in their homes with their children? Is there something available that is user-friendly, lots of fun, and spiritually fulfilling.

influencing the next generation as grandparents on mission

The bible has much to say about the generations and that includes grandparents. Though many cultures see the elderly as people that have finished their work and no longer carry responsibilities in regard to children and youth, the lord sees them from a different perspective. Grandparents still have influence. They just need direction and encouragement when it comes to blessing and spiritually guiding their grandchildren.

counseling and conflict resolution in the home

Parents trained and commissioned to begin spiritual conversation and training in the home must also be at work building their marriages. Fathers and mothers out of synch with each other will often hinder the good training they want to provide for their children. A tuned in family pastor can often bring help in the form of counseling, resources, and guidance.

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