You’re a pastor or lay leader who is trying your best to lead the next generation in your church. You’re doing the best you can.

But you’re distressed. Overwhelmed, even. You see the culture pulling down and pulling apart the families in your church faster than you can respond.

You know that the church can’t be the only solution anymore, but your church needs to build strategic supports for your families. You need the right shoulders to lean on. You need mentors who know how to do this and have done it for many years.

You came to the right people.

The Family Pastors Institute empowers you to seamlessly integrate church biblical teachings with home life. With FPI, you’re equipped to nurture resilient disciples, fortify families, and build vibrant churches for generations to come.

What can a course graduate of FPI expect to achieve?

Upon completing their studies, graduates will be able to:

  1. Serve senior pastors and the church as a qualified family pastor.
  2. Build a ministry bridge from the church to the home.
  3. Equip parents as spiritual and moral leaders over their children at home and at church.
  4. Guide parents in transforming the culture of their homes, according to Deuteronomy 6:5-7. 
  5. Become the champion of next-generation discipleship in the church.
  6. Lead the church by establishing a cohesive children’s ministry, youth ministry, and family ministry. 
  7. Direct the church toward numerical growth in the community.
  8. Help the church fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples.

What results can a church expect from a family pastor?


Family Pastors amplify the spiritual leadership of church pastors, extending it directly into homes. By understanding God’s call on Christian parents and equipping them with biblical mentorship tools, we believe disciple-making transcends the church walls. Together, churches and homes forge the next generation of disciples.


Churches possess the innate potential to illuminate and season their communities. By first igniting the spiritual fervor within church families, local churches can resonate more profoundly within their surroundings. The Family Pastor Institute instills a fervent passion for outreach, teaching students to mobilize families as community catalysts. In today’s secular society, churches can still flourish, with Christian families at the forefront.


Christianity doesn’t just influence; it revolutionizes culture and society globally. This seismic shift begins in local churches and member homes. With parents as spiritual pillars and family pastors guiding them, our communities transform, igniting evangelism and discipleship worldwide.

What does a graduate of the Family Pastor Institute bring to the church?

  • An understanding of the factors that enable a church to grow and fulfill its mission to go and make disciples
  • A thorough understanding of and how the church and home partner together
  • A renewed dedication to raising up parents and their children as disciples
  • Extensive reading, research, and practical application of coursework
  • Guided practice with problem solving with others
  • Mentorship from well-established ministry leaders
  • One full year of academic and hands-on instruction that changes hearts and minds for fruitfulness in ministry

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