Here are some commonly asked questions about the FPI program. Reach out for a personal response if you have others!

A family pastor could be any of these: a volunteer parent working with children or youth at the church; a youth pastor; a volunteer team of parents who divide the responsibilities; a children’s ministry director; a Next Gen pastor; a pastoral assistant; anyone who senses God’s call to go deeper to create a strong bridge between the church and home.

You could work as a children’s ministry director, youth ministry pastor or worker, or Next Gen pastor. A family pastor includes all of these areas or supervises these ministry workers.

For most, the coursework will take 5-7 hours each week. However, the coursework is designed for people already volunteering or working in ministry. Some of that time will include things that you are already doing.

It is about a third or half the cost of a certificate program at a seminary. The program is intended for people who need specific, affordable training to take the next step into ministry, regardless of previous study.


We offer an online academic training platform that covers a total of 36 weeks. Students can work from any location that has good internet connectivity in a controlled and quiet environment.


Online classes are held Thursday evenings each week from 7pm to 9pm Central Standard Time. Meeting codes will be given to students at the beginning of the academic year. 


Students will participate in live online classes with qualified and experienced instructors or they can also choose the option of downloading instructor lessons according to their own schedules. 

We deliberately chose a learning method that is intuitive to learn and easy for people to master with a short orientation. If you are having trouble, you can reach out to your facilitator, your cohort, or the good folks at Pathwright.

Your cohort will be at the same place and help you to stay on pace. Each cohort has a facilitator who will contact you if you fall behind.

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